Professional development for WeVideo educators

WeVideo-led PD sessions cover a variety of WeVideo features and multimedia pedagogy best practices. Set your educators up for success with WeVideo. See below for current offerings!

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Laptop with various multimedia editing options on screen including trimming, add transitions, and adding audio.

Intro to WeVideo and Multimedia Instruction

Learn how educators and students use WeVideo to create high-quality multimedia content. Explore WeVideo for Schools to understand how to create classes and assignments and use the Assignment ideas library — plus an expert walk-through of the video creation process from start to finish.

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Instructional video being made with teacher against space-themed green screen and text box added that reads, The Solar System.

Level Up Multimedia Instruction with WeVideo

Take your WeVideo creations to the next level with advanced video editing and production skills, including: content layering, framing shots, using b-roll effectively, color correction, sound editing, and green screen. Participants are also exposed to a variety of resources for designing and/or facilitating multimedia projects across content areas.

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3. Student Podcasting with WeVideo

Turn traditional writing assignments into engaging media projects by learning how to use WeVideo for student-created podcasts. Explore podcasting features like WeVideo’s voice recorder, stock media library, and audio editing tools along with resources for designing podcast projects that demonstrate key outcomes — from conceptual understanding and vocabulary mastery to creative problem-solving and content-specific literacy skills.

Two elementary-aged students working on a tablet.

4. Design and Implement Media Projects with WeVideo

Dive into the successful design and facilitation of student-led media projects, from content-specific documentaries to narrative storytelling. Explore curricular resources and best practices for each stage of a project, and learn how to use WeVideo for Schools (plus the Assignment Ideas library) to build academic vocabulary, content knowledge, and literacy through student media projects.

Smiling elementary-aged student listening to video on laptop.

5. Film Production & Storytelling with WeVideo

Learn how to tell a better story through media by exploring film industry techniques for planning, shooting, and editing. Workshop participants not only explore the theory behind effective storytelling but actually apply their learning to create a short scene in the WeVideo editor — an activity that can be replicated with students in the classroom.

Young girl in headphones working on an assignment on her laptop

6. Authentic Assessment & Routines with WeVideo

Learn how to increase engagement and student outcomes through authentic multimedia assessments. Discover how WeVideo can be used to infuse creativity, choice, and voice in formative assessment routines while allowing for multiple modalities of expression. Educators learn how to organize group projects in WeVideo, deliver real-time feedback, assess multimedia creations, and facilitate peer review.

Elementary-aged students collaborating on laptops in classroom.

7. Literacy Across Content Areas with WeVideo

Discover how multimedia can support literacy across content areas by diving into literacy-based assignments from WeVideo’s Assignment Ideas library. Run through the video creation process from start to finish and explore curricular ideas and resources for developing foundational literacy as well as information and media literacy.

Teacher working with student in classroom on tablet.

8. Screencasting for Instruction

Learn how to use WeVideo’s screen capture and webcam recording tools to design instruction for flipped or blended learning experiences. See examples of instructional strategies that can be used to create dynamic instructional content, and explore how to use screencasting with students for self-reflection and to make thinking visible.

Elementary-aged student at home interacting with educator via webcam recording.

Meet your instructors

Ryan is WeVideo's Director of Customer Success Enablement with over a decade of experience in K-12 education. Ryan creates instructional resources, designs and leads teacher training and workshops, and provides all kinds of ideas on how to use WeVideo in the K-12 classroom. Ryan holds a Master's degree in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning with an emphasis in educational technologies from Sonoma State University.

Ryan Kochevar, Director of Success Enablement at WeVideo.

Ryan Kochevar Director, Customer Success Enablement

Stu Jernigan is an Education Specialist on the WeVideo Customer Success Team, pursuing a passion for helping teachers and students discover their creative spark. He most recently worked as a Digital Learning Specialist for San Francisco Unified School District leading professional development and co-designing district-wide systems for leveraging technology in support of 21st century learning. This included leading SFUSD’s digital storytelling initiative aimed at elevating student agency, choice, and voice. Stu is the recipient of the 2021 CUE SF Teacher of the Year award, and a PBS Certified Media Literacy Educator.

Stu Jernigan, Customer Success Specialist at WeVideo.

Stu Jernigan Customer Enablement Specialist