Video editor for Chromebook

Create impactful videos with WeVideo’s web-based video editing software for Chromebook — no app download required! Stunning templates and built-in animations give you pro-level results easily. 


Do it all in a web-based video editor

WeVideo is cloud-based so you can create anywhere, anytime – even on the go. No time to waste? Our zero upload wait time lets you create at the speed of inspiration.

Not only is WeVideo the best video editor for Chromebook, but we also play nicely with other devices! Our editing app works seamlessly across Macs, PCsiOS, and Android.

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Creative video editing for all use cases

Collaborative student projects? Check. Social media ads? Check. Your life's greatest creative work finally ready for YouTube primetime? Check!

No matter why you're creating, our Chromebook video editor brings the magic. Mix in some motion titles, snazzy sound effects, intro and outro cards, green screen footage — all at your fingertips. 

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Add 1M+ pro assets right from the editor

One app for stock photos, one app for music, one app for thank you! Our editor is all-in-one so you don't have to go on a hunting expedition that ends with WAY too many licensing fees.

Our stock library has over a million video, image, and music options and is included free with our video editor. Find the perfect asset and use it worry-free.

Make a splash on social media

Make videos that stand out on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. Choose the best format (square, horizontal, or vertical) for your destination. Create your video just once and then repurpose it for any format instantly.

Trust us. With some strategic movement and a strong call-to-action, your social posts and ads will get noticed!


Everything you need for Chromebook videos

Ready-made animations Ready-made animations

From dynamic text to snazzy transitions between clips, our video editor makes motion simple. Just drag and drop any animation to your video for a pro effect in seconds.

Multi-track edits Multi-track edits

Create a simple clip or a complex masterpiece on your Chromebook — no sweat either way! Layer as many tracks as needed to tell your story through text, video, and audio.

Audio options Audio options

Set the mood through music that's tuned and balanced to maximum emotional resonance. Turn up the volume with Audio boost and adjust sound over time through Levels.

Screen recording Screen recording

Turn on your Chromebook's web cam and record a picture-in-picture video. Perfect for classroom assignments, customer-facing tutorials, and quickly personalized video messages.

Made for teamwork Made for teamwork

Got the whole team on Chromebooks? Then let them create together! Businesses and schools love our editor's shared libraries, Brand Kits, and other collaborative features.

Video templates Video templates

K–12 student or pro marketer, we could all use a helping hand from time to time. Start with a professionally created video template and get your message out into the world in a jiffy.

How to use our Chrome OS video editing software

Fire up the ole Chromebook and start a new project. Upload your video file plus any other assets like photos or music clips. Drag-and-drop 'em onto your Timeline to start editing.

When the app's as easy as this, video editing is fun! Tell a compelling story by arranging clips, merging them together, adding music and sound effects, and guiding the eye with motion titles.

Not just an editor, WeVideo is a sharer, too. Download your video (from 720p to super-sleek 4K) and share it directly to YouTube, Google Drive, and social media, or save it to your Chromebook.
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FAQs about editing videos on Chromebook

Absolutely! And you don't even need to download anything from the Chrome web store. (But if you happen to want a dedicated app, we've got one of those, too.) To start video editing in the app or on the web, all you need to do is sign up for a free plan — and yes, it's 100% free, no tricks or gimmicks.

Our free plan gives you access to all our key features: green screen, picture-in-picture screen recording, motion titles, video effects, professional-grade templates, and more. 

Our free version for Chromebook does include a watermark on all published videos, but if you want to remove the watermark, it's as simple as upgrading to a paid plan. We know, not the best news out there...but we do offer a wide variety of premium version plans to fit your needs. Whether you're an individual, a business, or a school district, we've got right-sized options for affordable video editing.

We don't know about all those other video editor apps out there, but if you use WeVideo, then yes! We offer a secure cloud-based video editor that works in any internet browser, along with dedicated video editing apps for iOS and Android. Create wherever it suits you on any given day.

You know that phrase, "The devil's in the details"? Well, we couldn't agree more when it comes to video editing. Though we actually prefer to say, "The difference is in the details." In other words, what separates a professional-looking video from an amateur one is usually nothing more than the little editing details: the perfect transition between shots, the right motion title, or the ideally timed audio clip.

Fortunately, our Chrome OS video editor makes it easy to create something pro-level — even with no experience. Just use the app's built-in editing features to trim clipsadjust audio levels, and more. You can't go wrong!

What would a video editor be without some professional-level templates to get you started? (Not the best one in our book!) Fear not — we have a great selection of full-featured video templates to make your editing process as simple as possible. Make detailed frame-by-frame edits to your template if you want complete control, or make a few key edits to the essentials and be ready to publish in minutes. With our video editor, you can make it as resource-intensive (or light!) as you prefer.

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