Free video editing app for Android

Download WeVideo's free video app for Android to create stunning content right from your phone. Make a slideshow of your photos, create binge-worthy social videos & more!
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Get the perfect size for TikTok, Instagram & more

With our video editor for Android, your project is one and done. By that, we mean this: make your video once in the app and then instantly resize it to all the most popular aspect ratios.

Go vertical for a TikTok clip or stick with square for an OG-style Instagram post. You can even choose horizontal — great for displaying on desktops or TVs. 

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On-the-go video editing made for mobile

From Instagram Reels to YouTube Shorts, bite-sized, mobile-friendly video content is bigger than ever. So keep up with the changing-every-second trends by creating in WeVideo!

Open our video editing app wherever you happen to be, and you've got everything you need: motion titles, background music & more. (Way more.) Oh, and did we mention it's free?

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Upload media from your device — or use ours

Your Android device has thousands of photos and videos just waiting to be turned into oh-so-shareable content. Upload 'em all to WeVideo and get to merging + video editing. don't have a billion pieces of media saved to your smartphone? No worries. We've got 1M+ stock assets to choose from! Or just snap a new recording directly in the app.

Any video you need, all from one app

When the app's so easy to use, what you make in our video editor comes down to you.

Take your favorite vacation snapshots and make a heartwarming social media post. Stitch together some staff interviews and use their insights as part of your employee training. Have students use their imaginations to make creative unit reviews. Whatever you need, make it on Android!

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Why make Android videos in the WeVideo app?

One-click animations One-click animations

Make your video even more eye-catching with motion titles that guide the eye and transitions that create a seamless flow. Our video editing software has it all built in!

Multi-track editing Multi-track editing

You may be working in a video editing app, but you're never limited by the small screen size. Upload multiple clips and layer them across different tracks to create a masterpiece.

Your choice of resolution Your choice of resolution

Whether you need 720p for a super-fast upload or 4K Ultra HD for a sleek finish on huge screens, WeVideo makes it easy. Just select your video resolution + export.

Trim, cut & merge clips Trim, cut & merge clips

Our app lets you do more than just edit a single video! Grab several clips from your device and then cut, merge & arrange them into a compelling narrative for any need.

Video templates Video templates

Not sure exactly how you'd like to polish up your clips? Then try starting with a pro-designed video template from WeVideo. We've got options for business, education & more.

Saved to the cloud Saved to the cloud

Android, iPhone, or desktop — doesn't matter! Videos created in app or in browser are auto-saved to WeVideo's secure cloud so you'll never lose progress. Come back any time.

How to create videos on your Android device

Open our video editing app on your Android device and upload media from your phone. If you don't yet have the right video clips or photos, then start a new recording or take a photo directly in the app.

Time for the fun part! Take all those photos or videos stored on your smartphone and use our video editor to transform them into something special. 

Add motion text titles, type in subtitles, fade in music, pop in some sound effects, and a whole lot more. Whether you're making long or short videos, you can do pretty much any video editing you could want. 

Now that you've used WeVideo to craft the perfect video on your smartphone, it's time to get it out into the world.

Choose your preferred video resolution and export destination, including your smartphone, cloud storage, or social media.
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FAQs about our Android video editor

Step 1: Download our app from the Google Play Store. Step 2: Let your imagination run wild! It really is that easy.

Even without any video editing experience, you can create stunning videos with music tracks, animations, motion text, sound effects, and more. With an easy-to-use interface, you can make the same great content on your smartphone that you'd make from any desktop device. (Our online video editor works in the browser, so you're free to create from anywhere — mobile or not.)

By the way, if you happen to be Team iPhone, we've got an app for iOS, too. We're mobile friendly, no matter your fav.

If you're using the free version of the app, then yes, all published video content will have a watermark. With a paid plan, however, your videos will be watermark-free. You'll also have access to a ton of add ons, including higher video resolutions and an expanded stock library.

Download the app and find out which option, the free version or a paid plan, is better for your video and audio editing needs.

Yes, you can upload video clips (or still photos) directly from your mobile device. If you don't already have the media created, then you can also open the WeVideo app first and start a new recording or take a photo. Your call!

Yes! Our feature-packed video editor works on iPhone as well as Android, plus any desktop device: Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and more.

Access all of our key features and pro-level video editing tools wherever you prefer. Because projects are saved to the cloud, you can even switch between devices as needed.

Need to have multiple users working across devices in WeVideo? Then check out our Business plan to unlock hassle-free video editing collaboration.

We don't know about other Android or iPhone video editor apps, but with WeVideo, the answer is absolutely. Once you've finished creating your video, you choose what to do with it. Save it to your Android phone, send it to a cloud storage provider (like Google Drive or Dropbox), or share it to a social media platform like Facebook.

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