Interactive peer reviews you can embed anywhere

Live peer reviews on any video? (Even for remote courses?) Yes! With PlayPosit by WeVideo, you can easily weave peer feedback into any teaching, training, or instructional design environment.
Group of young adults completing peer reviews around laptop and tablet.

Promote learning and growth in any organization

Achieve organizational outcomes Achieve organizational outcomes

By sharing differing perspectives, learners grow—and so does your organizational capacity! Whether you’re iterating on a new product or teaching a challenging concept, peer feedback unlocks the outcomes you’re striving for. Take advantage of in-course rubrics to facilitate even more meaningful discussion.

Monitor participation as it happens Monitor participation as it happens

Observe how learners are engaging with each other through real-time monitoring. Time-stamped comments keep peer reviews on track and easy to navigate, while a powerful admin dashboard gives you at-a-glance highlights of all the essential course analytics.

Build community among learners Build community among learners

From the workplace to the classroom, create a collaborative learning environment through high-quality peer review—done however you prefer! Set an open forum and allow everyone to chime in, or create small groups so that learners get more personalized attention.

Take feedback beyond the classroom Take feedback beyond the classroom

Giving feedback to peers isn’t just an academic exercise! Ask customers how their onboarding experience went. Have managers and employees collaborate during training. Host a live peer review at a higher ed conference. All of these scenarios are simple to set up yet rich with insights.

Compatible with your tech stack

Forgo the pain of tech that doesn’t integrate. With PlayPosit, you get LTI integration with dozens of learning management systems and video hosting platforms. No hassle required.

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What our customers are saying

"PlayPosit is a truly intuitive and highly effective solution that has been surpassing all expectations for the entire learning innovation design team since the day we integrated the platform."

Maikel Right, FIU Online Associate Director of Instructional Technology and Faculty Fellow.

Maikel Right FIU Online Associate Director of Instructional Technology and Faculty Fellow

“Every educator deserves access to top-rated professional learning support. PlayPosit brings our person-to-person coaching model to life asynchronously. The New Teacher Center is proud to be able to offer partners engaging, community-based learning experiences that work for them without sacrificing quality.”

New Teacher Center - Logo

New Teacher Center

“The features in PlayPosit have been a hit here in DC Public Schools because they allow for all learners–students and adults– to engage with learning in an alternative format.”

District of Columbia Public Schools logo.

Sakon Kieh Director of Educational Technology, DCPS

"I am a previous [interactive video platform] user and PlayPosit offers way more and gives so many more options for our teachers including videos and interactions, I am excited to show them!"

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Stephanie Harrison Instructional Technology Coach, Spartanburg 5

Learn as a team through peer reviews

Frequently asked questions

Peer review is a catch-all term for all kinds of peer feedback. It could be as simple as sharing a few thoughts verbally or as complex as a formalized academic review with manuscripts and editors’ notes.

Either way, the premise is the same: one person shares their ideas and others comment on them with the goal of improving accuracy, quality, or originality.

From the business world to K–12 schools and higher ed, every organization can benefit from peer feedback. 

Peer feedback allows individuals to develop a variety of soft and hard skills: communication, creativity, tact, adaptability, and critical thinking—just to name a few! At the greater organizational level, peer review ensures consistent quality, reduces errors and oversights, and allows for more creative solutions to bubble up.

There are tons of ways to incorporate online collaboration in a classroom or training environment, but our peer review feature is definitely among the easiest! Just create a video (or take one you’ve already made) and then embed peer-to-peer feedback in the form of time-stamped discussions, polls, or free-response answers. Observe students as they participate and jump in with your own feedback at any time.